2012: Year in Review

On last 2012 year-end , I didn’t get chance to write my review because I was busy working on some more important things. I know it’s a bit late writing a 2012 review in January. But it’s OK, it’s now still first week of January and sometimes late is better than never hahaha! So, here’s my short note: year 2012 in review. :mrgreen:

There were many things happened in 2012, some of them made major changes in my life. I met many new people and had some new experiences as well. I went to many new places causing an upgrade on my frequent flyer. Most of all, I learned a lot of things that changed me inside and outside.

I moved in to my current company in March. To work for a IT company was one of my dreams since years ago. Prior to my current job, I have worked for various companies like NGO, blog hosting provider and communications consultancies. This was the time for me to get a new experience and learn the industry from different side. I’ve been learning many new things -other than digital communications- here and enjoying the environment as well. As part of a great team (yes, we got several achievements last year and managed to maintain our leadership in Indonesia), I’m so ready for more challenges and experiences on years ahead.

Work as a full-time employee also means that I had to move to Jakarta. It’s the best option I had since I can’t rely on public transportation that mostly sucks. Beside, I don’t want to spend 5 hours every day struggling on the road to get myself come on time. This also gives me chance to hang out with friends in my spare time or do some other stuffs like after-hours shopping.

Work hard, play harder

Me on a business trip, can you believe it?

Since my first overseas trip in 2010, I made this uhm, resolution to take at least one overseas trip every year. In November, I was invited to come and speak at BlogFest Asia 2012, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Visiting Cambodia especially Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for so long and I was extremely happy it finally happened last year. The most important thing, I was finally able to meet some of fellow members of South East Asia Social Network (SEASONed) there and had a great time together. You can find my writings about my Cambodia trip here and there (on my travel blog).


With some BlogFest Asia participants

I decided to start blogging in English after the event. Yeah, I know my English is not that good as you may find grammar mistakes here and there. But it’s part of the learning, no? Most of my fellow Asian bloggers aren’t English native speakers as well (just like me) but they manage to blog in English. 😉

So what would I do in 2013?

I don’t feel like making some new ambitious resolutions for this year. Well maybe I’ll make some later.. Things that came in mind as I write this post are: better time management (so I don’t have to work on weekend), spend more time for blogging (as I’ve been abandoning my blogs for months), register myself at a fitness club (I don’t think I can make it though), take at least one overseas trip (I’m thinking about Vietnam or Philippines) and have a better love personal life.

How ’bout you? What’s your new year resolution? Any particular dreams to achieve? 😀

Hello from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

It feels great when you finally able to visit the places you’ve been dreaming of. You know, Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for years, then the invitation came last month. So here I am now, enjoying my days in Cambodia and keep thanking God for making my dream came true.

As I mentioned before on my previous post, I came to Cambodia to attend this lovely BlogFest Asia 2012. The commitee asked me to co-host a breakout session titled Self Publishing via Blog along with a passionate Cambodian girl. The session has been held yesterday.

Terpisah dari kegiatan-kegiatan serius seperti diskusi dan kelas dengan bermacam topik menarik, saya dan para peserta lainnya juga menikmati kunjungan ke Siem Reap ini sebagai liburan. Yeah, saya sudah berencana sejak beberapa bulan lalu untuk mengambil cuti dan pergi ke luar negeri. Nggak jauh-jauh sih, negara Southeast Asia aja palingan. But then the invitation came, dan rasanya seperti keruntuhan durian menikmati durian jatuh karena akhirnya saya mendapat kesempatan untuk menikmati akhir pekan di Cambodia bersama teman-teman yang menyenangkan.

Angkor Wat – BW

New friends from BlogFest Asia!


Siem Reap itu menyenangkan. Sungguh. Kami pergi ke Angkot Wat dan beberapa candi lainnya. Kami naik tuk tuk dan berhitung tentang dollar atau riel yang harus bayarkan. Kami bertemu dengan banyak teman baru dari Cambodia dan negara-negara lainnya. Kami pergi ke Pub Street setiap malam dan menikmati dinner di tempat berbeda setiap kali. Well The Blue Pumpkin cafe is an exception,  but I’ll tell you about it later maybe on my travel blog.

I really enjoy my time in Siem Reap. I do. It’s like I want to spend  the rest of the week here.

Tapi saya harus tetap terkoneksi dengan banyak pihak di Indonesia, terutama keluarga. Thank God nggak ada masalah berarti tentang koneksi sejak di Phnom Penh sampai di Siem Reap hingga kini. Operator yang saya pake, XL, punya program XL1Tariff sehingga country hoppers bisa menikmati layanannya di negara lain dengan satu tarif ringan dan hassle free. Sejak tiba di Phnom Penh, saya memilih jaringan Hello Axiata dan langsung nyambung ke telepon, SMS dan mobile internet seperti biasa. Koneksi wifi di venue yang lambat juga akhirnya diakali dengan tethering koneksi HP ke laptop. Info lebih lengkap tentang layanan XL1Tariff bisa didapat di sini.

Berkat browsing untuk mencari info mengenai layanan ini pula saya jadi tau ada kompetisi Facebook XL One Tariff di XL Rame berhadiah liburan ke luar negeri: Thailand, Jepang dan Perancis. Dahsyat. Mungkin kali ini saya beruntung lagi memenangkan perjalanan gratis ke luar negeri. Kompetisinya hanya sampai 11 November 2012, so I’d better get hurrryyyy..

Tetap terkoneksi bukan berarti saya nggak menikmati kegiatan di sini. Beberapa hari di Siem Reap nggak cukup untuk mengunjungi tempat-tempat menariknya, jalan-jalan sama blogger-blogger gokil dari Filipina atau nyobain makanan lokal Khmer yang cantik-cantik penyajiannya. Tapi dengan padatnya kegiatan, kami mesti pintar-pintar mengatur waktu untuk bisa melakukan ini itu.

Seperti sekarang, saya harus segera bersiap untuk jalan-jalan berikutnya. Yuhuuu! See you on my next posts!

I’m Coming to Blogfest Asia 2012 in Cambodia


This week, Cambodian bloggers host the Blogfest Asia 2012 in Siem Reap. They are expecting hundreds of bloggers and technologists from accross the continent to come and take part at the event. This is the third BlogFest Asia, previous events  were held in Hongkong (2009) then in Penang, Malaysia (2010).

I’m so lucky to be selected as one of international bloggers invited by the organizing committee. This will be a super fun reunion with my fellow Southeast Asian Bloggers I met at ASEAN Bloggers Conference in Bali last year and BlogXChange, ON OFF in Jakarta. Some of them are going to this event as well!

The surprise is that as an international participant, I’ll receive travel subsidiary and accommodation from the committee. Gosh it feels like winning a free holiday trip to one of my dreaming destinations: Siem Reap, Cambodia. And to answer the question that might pops in your head: YES, we’re going to have a tour to Angkor Wat!

On the second day (2 November 2012), I’ll co-host a breakout session titled “Self Publishing” along with a popular Khmer blogger: Rainnamail. Rainna (Rachna Im) and I will host this discussion on Self Publishing topic, share our experiences and encourage young Cambodians to start optimizing their blog to publish their stories, opinion and also their work. Rainna has been blogging since 2007 and proves that blogging can lead to many opportunities. Full program of the BlogFest Asia 2012 can be found here.

Also there will be other Indonesian speaking at the event about Internet Freedom & Responsibilities. His name is Handoko Suwono, CEO of Datacom Informatika from Surabaya.

So, I think it’s enough for tonight. I’m planning to share more stories from this trip on this blog and my travel blog. I hope that I’ll have time and enough resources to execute this ambitious plan -blogging everyday-, but I’m working on it. Cause it’s gonna be an awesome event and I can’t help but to share this experience with all of you.

Are you coming to the event? Let’s meet up. Tweet me @nonadita.