I Was Just Too Blind

2 Juli 2005

A really shocking lesson.

Sebuah pelajaran berharga menjelang ulangtahun ke-20. walaupun terasa sebagai bener-bener kado ulangtahun terburuk seumur hidup sampai saat ini. I was totally shocked.

Banyak pertanyaan mengenai ini. Salah satunya adalah : how could I be that stupid? I should’ve read the signs.. Maybe I was just too blind to see.

One thought on “I Was Just Too Blind

  1. Im really sorry about the experience that jerk made u go through… I know u now only feel rage and hatred, but when ur thoughts r clearer, u’ll c dat dis xperience is filled wit lessons 🙂

    heck, someday in the future when u look back at this moment, u might even laugh ur heart out.. especially the punching part hehe nice one 😀

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