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*Set by Anan on Mon Feb 11 15:29:15

anan : my blog is not hiatus, it’s only hibernating
anan : i can’t find any thing to write. or i guess I’ve lost my sensitivity
anan : maybe there’s a short circuit in my brain
anan : or maybe I’m just not in the mood.
anan : i’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’m trying to find the mood so i can post again
anan : if I’m not too lazy or get too busy downloading unnecessary things from the web.

*anan has leave the chat room

7 thoughts on “Chatroom

  1. Try to think of topics which is in your interest. Write everything that’s in your mind without reading. Then review and edit what you’ve just wrote. Remember not to write when you’re too happy or too sad.

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  2. Try to create something that has sense, ’cause it will be good if you post something that comes from your heart or what you think about.

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