Not That Ordinary Valentine Flowers

Not That Ordinary Valentine Flowers

Yesterday, I found that one of my colleagues set a prank on her husband. Instead of giving him a small yet portable bouquette, she decided to give him a larger one. So unique and cute, it makes me wanna do a quick update on this blog.

The Book of Mainstream taught us to do these rituals every Valentine’s Day:

  1. Buy or make some gifts for your loved ones e.g. flowers, chocolate, necklace
  2. Dress in pink for the romantic dinner
  3. Request a love song through a local radio
  4. Send greeting card admitting your feelings to your crush
  5. Rots on your single bed or find some excuses if you have no date on V-day

Do I follow the “guidelines”? No. Just like I once wrote my opinion on this years ago, for me Valentine’s Day is just one of those “special days” made up and maintained by global conspiracy consist of people from various industries (chocolate, fashion, teen magz, wine, hotels, etc.) so we, the customers, buy the idea and make a purchase.

It has nothing to do with demoralization or promoting free sex. Well at least, that’s how I see it.

But Valentine’s Day has some nice things we can get benefits from. This is one of those shopping seasons when you can buy some nice dresses (at discounted price), cakes, and other cute things without feeling guilty. And if you were lucky, you can get them for free! Remember the gift giving tradition attached to V-day?

Speaking of which, yesterday I just found one of the most creative Valentine surprises. But no, it wasn’t happened to me, too bad (or should I say, thank God?). My colleague sent this huge, awesome board of flowers to her lovely husband.

Not that ordinary Valentine bouquette

So, this is what she wrote on her Facebook (I have her permission to reshare her story):

 My husband and I dated in the 90’s where man usually gives flower or gifts during valentine’s day. Skip forward 20 years later, we’re now living in the 21st century and for some reason, he thinks it’s the other way round: a girl should send flowers sooooooo for so many years he stopped the gift giving things. Then I decided to send him a BIG reminder on how things supposed to be. So, I sent one big flowers to his office and put in front of his car.

You should’ve seen her husband’s face… LOL! Well, it was just a prank from a wife who (perhaps) was silently expecting small gift or extra attention from her significant one.

What I’m trying to say is.. it doesn’t mean that daily dose of love is not enough but sometimes it’s nice to show some extra love to your loved ones, on any special occasions. A small gift won’t hurt your financial stability. And remember, underline this, don’t limit it to V-day only.

Like my dear friend says, “Don’t let our love be defined by Valentine’s Day”.

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